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transmission repair near meBasin Automatic Transmission is a leading provider of transmission service in Moses Lake and surrounding communities, with years of experience under our belts. A family-run company, we have been operating for decades and have built our reputation on the high quality of our transmission service and other offerings, servicing cars both foreign and domestic. If you’re looking for automatic transmission and manual transmission shops nearby, then look no further than Basin Automatic Transmission.

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Why Choose Us?

When searching online for “transmission repair near me” be sure to keep an eye out for our name, we are one of the most consistently reliable companies for servicing automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. Finding a good and reliable transmission repair near me that will service both foreign and domestic cars isn’t easy, but with Basin Automatic Transmission you can be sure to get a good bang for your buck. Some transmission repair services prioritize a low-cost service over all other considerations and these companies inevitably end up cutting corners and performing their job to a much lower standard, providing an inferior service. Usually, this cutting of corners occurs when new parts are called for and the repair shop opts to go for cheap, generic, lower quality parts rather than the more expensive brand name ones. This might save them and you some money in the short term but you will end up paying more down the line as these parts are liable to break more easily and fail at a higher rate. When you search for transmission repair near me always bear this in mind. At Basin Automatic Transmission we use only the highest quality parts to repair any automatic transmission or manual transmission and take pride on offering the best service of all the automatic transmission and manual transmission shops near me.

The Right Price for The Job

Another reason you should use Basin Automatic Transmission when looking for a transmission repair near me is that we can say, with confidence, that our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will always offer a fair price for their work. Many auto repair shops are banking on customers looking for transmission repair near me to simply shop around for the cheapest price and go with that. Not only can very low prices be a sign of inferior quality work, you will get what you pay for after all, but it shows a lack of care and pride in the work performed. Fair pricing means that the customer doesn’t overpay and isn’t charged for unnecessary services or extras, while ensuring that the auto repair shop also receives a fair cut while covering the costs of ordering the best quality parts. Failing components in automobiles can have serious consequences, including losing control of the car and crashing.

Common Transmission Problems We Can Solve

The staff at Basin Automatic Transmission understand the most common reasons for transmission problems and are ready with solutions and advice for any eventuality. The most common problems with transmission can be summarized as these:

  • Lack of response. If, when driving, you notice that there is a delay or physical difficulty in shifting gears while driving, then this usually indicates a transmission problem and is a sign that it’s time to look for transmission repair near me.
  • Clunking Or Whining Noise. In fact, any unusual noises when switching gears could be indicative of a transmission problem. If when changing gears you hear a sound that is unfamiliar, or the gear shift feels strange in your hand, then you should seek out a transmission repair near me. A full transmission service can identify and rectify any problems before they develop into something serious.
  • Low fluid. The most recognizable transmission problem is probably that of leaking fluid and any leaks should be repaired by a competent transmission service as soon as possible. Automatic transmission fluid is to your transmission as your blood is to you. It is needed to maintain lubrication and avoid stress damage while acting as a sealant. Without enough of it, the transmission is at risk of seizing up and failing completely. If you notice a red, sweet smelling liquid on your driveway it could be a sign that your transmission has started leaking.
  • Unusual movements. Your car should run smoothly at all times and if you feel any unusual vibration, shaking, or other movements then it could be a sign of something serious going on, usually with the gears. For automatic transmissions, gear problems usually manifest as a delay in switching to first gear as opposed to the usual smooth transmission. If the problem gets worse, transmissions into subsequent gears will cause jarring or shaking. This can indicate a number of problems but your first port of call should always be a transmission repair near me.
  • A burning smell. The smell of burning is always a concern, it doesn’t always indicate a fire in your car but until you know otherwise you should assume that any burning is an indication of fire. In the absence of flames, the most likely culprit for a burning spell is overheating transmission fluid. The fluid helps to keep parts cool so when it is low these parts can become hotter than usual and cause the fluid to burn. You should address this as soon as possible, even if your car is otherwise fine, as low fluid can cause friction and corrosion which can ultimately completely destroy the transmission. If you smell burning while driving and have ruled out a fire then immediately look for a transmission repair near me and take your car for a check up just in case the problem is serious.
  • Unable to switch gears. If the gears will not shift when they should then you should check your transmission fluid levels, if you have recently changed the transmission fluid then this may be a sign that the wrong type of transmission fluid has been used.
  • Check engine light in the cockpit. If the check engine light on your dashboard comes on, it usually indicates that a problem has, or is about to, occur. Most of these problems are transmission related. If there is a transmission repair service near me then you should take the car there as soon as possible.
  • Transmission noise when in neutral. This can be an indication of something as basic as low fluid. If the problem persists even after replacing the fluid then it may require a professional transmission service.
  • Gears slipping. Slipping gears will shift on their own without any input from the driver while driving. This can be a very serious safety risk, if you experience this, you should search for a transmission repair service near me straight away.

Any transmission problem can end up snowballing into something very serious. You need your car to perform as you intend at all times; any deviation from the expected behavior is a cause for concern and represents a safety risk to you as the driver. If you experience any unusual behaviors, you should instantly search for an automatic transmission or manual transmission repair shop near me. A qualified mechanic will be able to quickly diagnose and repair any issues with automatic transmission or manual transmission, but at Basin Automatic Transmission we pride ourselves on the variety of services we can offer.

You might find that you initially visit us to check your transmission but decide to get a full checkup while you’re here. We can also assist in diagnosing and repairing issues that aren’t related to your transmission and are happy to do so. In addition, we offer fleet services and free towing as well as full diagnostic examinations of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for automatic transmission shops near me, or for general transmission repair near me, then Basin Automatic Transmission should always be your first choice.

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